I'm so proud of us teens.

So today, I was in my local forbidden planet (nerd shop in the UK, sells pops and the like), admiring a replica of a Plasma Pistol from Halo, when suddenly some girl comes in with her mates. She instantly screams 'SAM FISHER HAS ENTERED THE CHAT' and that, for me, is an instant warning to move. I go to the other side of the store where all the Pop Vinyl figures are. I then notice they're all coming over, but they end up at the Manga section just past where I am. They're talking pretty loudly, so I hear them of course bring up Hentai. Then one of them mentions Sam Fisher girl's hoodie. That's when I see it. She's wearing an aheago face hoodie. She was wearing a hoodie with Hentai on it. In public. What. via /r/teenagers http://bit.ly/2sec4C8

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