Massive fps drop

GTX 1060 , i5 7300hq. And this garbage of a game goes from 140 fps to 60 fps everytime I shoot. Can someone explain to me how this company is still making money with the garbage that they are putting out? Let's just ignore for a moment all the bugs with champs and the other ones. Thing is optimization is non existent. It's completely random. People with gtx titans 1199 getting fps drops when playing on fucking low. What the fuck is this. Literally got enough crystals the other day to buy the voicepack chest. Fuck me, it s not working. They don t even bother to fucking give you what you pay for holy fucking shit. How the fuck do these developers still have jobs and able to make profit is absolutely beyond me. Every patch, the performance goes down but they you get told that the performanace will be significantly better cuz now you can t mix skins anymore. Fuck me, honestly this game and company and community is just absolute cancer stage 99 terminal part 99. Can someone working here leave all the hentai and shit posts that is posted here for a minute and reply to me telling me why the fuck this game is running like shit? via /r/Paladins

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