Newer to manga, just read Tokyo Ghoul

First of all, I've only ever read 3 manga in my life. I read Hikaru No Go (amazing), Death Note (also amazing) and now Tokyo Ghoul and Re:. I found all of them to be great.​Normally, I watch anime but with having a family now, I find it harder and harder to break away and sit and watch anime for extended periods of time. Reading manga is much easier for me to pick up and put down. It can still be slow for me (it took me about 3 weeks to finish Tokyo Ghoul and Re:) but still a lot easier than consuming anime.​I guess I'm just looking for any sort of recommendations of must reads or something if I enjoyed all 3 of those that I posted above. I'm also willing to branch out but I don't really have any interest in hentai type stuff.​Thanks for anyone who helps me out. via /r/manga

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