[rant] On the state of this sub

In case any of you know, an animated episode of Lord El-Melloi II case files has been aired, and there will be more new episodes to come. However, the latest discussion thread about the first part of the Heaven's Feel movie is 7 months old. Much has passed since then, including the trailer for the second part. The only way I discovered about the new episode was by visiting /r/anime . It is shameful that a general sub has a better discussion thread than this one. When UBW aired, discussions here were much better, but something changed since then.Also, just by glancing the the first page you will notice most of what is posted about is borderline hentai waifu tier material. Yet none of it is marked NSFW.This sub is just basically a hentai sub now. Other japanese series based subs have discussions, theorycrafting, fanfics, memes, normal drawings etc. The Bleach sub, for instance, even when the series was getting very bad, had a completely different look, and even now has hardly any NSFW material.For years people had the notion that the Fate franchise was just some eroge based visual novel and that it was just an excuse to sell porn. If anyone comes here, they will think it is still just that.Either this sub needs to enforce non-porn content and enforce NSFW rules, or there needs to be a new sub. via /r/fatestaynight http://bit.ly/2GTqvps

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