Some useful tips.

Hello people! here are some useful tips for becoming hentai free.​As fast as you wake up jump out of your bed and go and take a shower, how you start the beginning of your day will set the rest of your day. So by taking a cold shower as fast you wake up you have done something your mind doesn't want you to do and by keep doing this every morning you will be able to handle everything alot easier, 3 minutes is good enough the important thing is that you do it.​Start meditating i really recommend you do! I always meditate after my cold shower, you can begin small just 5 minutes everyday when you wake up but try to do it everyday to get the benefits. How do i do it? just sit or lie down and focus on your breath, analyze your body and how are you are feeling, if your mind is having thoughts just oberserve them and kinda let them go and go back to focusing on your breath.​This method gets easier if you meditate. Quite often urges just comes out of nowhere and when they do observe it and just acknowledge the urges and let them go. This is way better than trying to distract yourself from the urges by watching a youtube video as example.​Try not to think about hentai because when you do your mind likes to wander off and it might think about why you like it in the first place and one thing i noticed its like everytime your mind wanders off its like you are poisoning your brain a little bit each time until maybe you relapse. The brain wants the dopamine rush so it will try everything to get it, this is why i really recommend cold showers and mediation so you can control your brain.​A quite obvious one, dont touch yourself, its so much easier for the penis and the mind if you dont just touch yourself.​Dont get bored. If you get bored, your mind tendes to go for a thing that will give it a dopamine rush, so find a hobby or something that makes you have fun. Replace the hentai with something else.​Try to observe when you really get the urges to watch hentai why you wanted to do it at the first place? you might feel lonely or bored.​Research about what hentai does to your brain and why its bad for you. Also research about all the benefits you can get from nofap and it might motivate you more.​Thats it for me. i wish you all the best and to have a succesful nofap journey!​​​​​ via /r/HentaiFree

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