Tips on Prevention

I recently went through NNN2018 and failed on Day 27, which sucked, but I thought about how over the month why did I get there. I find that your environment matters as much as ypur effort, if not more. Your mind has made short-cuts in your behavior. Since hentai brings pleasure, it tends to remember clearly what steps or environment got you to that pleasure.Your mind, for example goes: If alone and in bed and it is night time, I will watch hentai and nut. Or in another case: If alone and watching anime and see sexy anime boy/girl, then search (waifu/husbando) hentai then nut.So how can we prevent this, well for one I suggest having a couple of things 1. A new habit or action to replace the time you would have spent watching hentaiA predetermined set of events if tempted, like have a bookmark to r/hentaifree on your phone or laptopAccountability and Challenge. Without NNN would have never gotten as far. Setting up a pre-determined goal of abstinencr in mind if helpful to have an end goal. Like working out, start small like 5 days, then work up to 10 days, then a month an so on. Have a group to check in for motivation and consul. Even writing posts like this one help solidfy your efforts.Have a reason. You might have an addiction or maybe you think you could use a break from hentai. Maybe it is getting in way of your relationships or maybe watching it makes you doubt you could ever form a meaningful one with anyone with a person like yourself. It is cliché, but know that no one is perso, we all are suffering, and you are doing your best. Accept your failures, your efforts, and try to learn more about the person in the mirror. That person could use some love from youThese are tips, but it up to you to take action. I hope the end 2019 finds you in better place, take care and love yourself via /r/HentaiFree

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