Um... I'm 16 male bisexual and I sucked my best friends dick while high and he has a girlfriend. Pls help

(serious)Best friend: Collin* (also bisexual but not fully out) His girlfriend: Haily*So I had my best friend over tonight (I guess I should say last night since what happened was before midnight), but before that I was just looking for some company he had called me, after being at his girlfriend's house, and asked if I had a dab pen charger, and I did.Collin drove to my house himself after being at Haily's, I had been friends with Collin since the first grade and after we split at elementary school we still kept in touch and we had sleepovers at least once a month, we we're looking to hang out and just get high.When Collin got to my house he settled in and put on the movie Moulin Rouge but we paused ten minutes in to go to the store to get snacks, my mom drove us since Collin didn't have enough months on his liscense to drive me.We got back and by then the dab pen was charged so we started to get stoned, after the process (and 45 minutes of the movie) was done, we we're high.I went to cry about my ex (female) who Collin is close friends with, and we wrote an apology to her which took 30+ minutes, after that we continued the movie and I started to get fixated on the fact that we had never seen each other's dick, he said"I'm getting hard is that gay?"We had watched porn together before but more to show off our knowledge and taste, after that u got hard and we both agreed that we we're gonna stay hard unless we did something about it.So a very high me set up some hentai and sat down on the couch next to him with a box of tissues and we started at it.(Let me preface this next pharagraph by saying I very much agree that sexuality is a spectrum, and the only people that can define what you are doing with another person is you and that person.)He asked me if it would be gay to touch each other's dicks and I said,"Whatever you want man, it's not gay unless you want it to be,"So we jerked each other off and it felt more like a favor than anything sexual, we continued to watch porn and jerk each other off and he mentioned to me that Haily would give him a blow job, and me (the selfless being I am) said,"I mean, I'd give you a bj if you asked"So he said yes and I started to have my first bisexual experience, I'm not gonna go into details but I don't think it was "no homo"After I stood up we both quickly realized what happened, we we're stunned and we both had feelings racing through our heads and hearts, we quickly agreed to not talk about it and he went asleep, we talked before that though, about what would happen if he broke up with his girlfriend.So now r/teenagers, I am playing the legend of Zelda windwaker, and looking for advice, what should I do, and I basically fucked over Haily and I don't know what to do.*Names have been changed for privacy via /r/teenagers

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