What are stupid things you got in trouble for at school

have a couple of stupid stories, in 4th grade this kid made up a word called boosh, and I said it around my sisters volleyball team, this kids sister was on the team along with my sister so we had to go to the practices. I said it once and my school counselor said she looked on urban dictionary, fucking urban dictionary, something not even official, this was a serious situation and she uses a fucking meme website, and it meant something "sexual" I got an ISS, I did nothing wrong, this kid made up the word. In 7th grade I said Jake Paul was gay, some girl went on snitched and my bitchy science teacher (who is still bitchy, im in eighth atm) came up and started yelling at me. Later that year a girl started making shit up about me, how I was sexually assaulting her, like touching her ass and tits. She started kicking and hitting me one day, I did nothing wrong, one day I started to like scream and swear at her, I ran in her direction and she thought I was coming to beat her up, when I just ran in her direction. I almost got suspended and the archdiocese involved. Me and my friend in 7th grade were swearing and un ironically talking about hentai and cussing. These two girls come up to me and ask me what is hentai, I told them, and they went and told on me. I brought in game of thrones that day and my teacher noticed and told me "Its not appropriate for catholic school or a 7th grader" I got my first detention that year via /r/teenagers http://bit.ly/2BZX9A0

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