What's The Best Course Of Action To Take When You Stumble Upon Porn On Youtube?

I know that title sounds like its a joke, but I mean this in a serious manner. There are times when I click on a Youtube video with a mundane nonsexual title and, to my surprise, it turns out to be a porn video. As someone who personally appreciates the porn free environment that Youtube is trying to maintain, occurrences like this do concern me and I'd like to help get that type of content removed from the site. Because of this, I tend to flag those videos when I stumble onto them.​After stumbling on one of these said mundane seeming, hentai porn Youtube channels today, it occurred to me that perhaps there is more I can be doing than simply reporting these videos. Are there other things I can be doing beyond reporting these vids/channels and hoping for the best?​Also should I be concerned about getting malware whenever I stumble onto these porn vids on Youtube? I get that its usually infected ads that lead to malware when watching Youtube vids, but i get a bit paranoid about this type of stuff. Is it possible to get malware from the Youtube vid itself? via /r/youtube http://bit.ly/2ToA2GG

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