Zyra’s new walk animation is insultingly bad

Posted this in the zyra mains sub but figured I’d post it here too because it’s more active and with better discussion.Pretty sure I’m the only one who feels this way, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The new animation is awful. I understand it was based on the new dawn animation but 1. That wasn’t a good walking animation either 2. It was a very specific storytelling device, over exaggerated hip sway to deliver a “well well well look what we have here” despite not having any lines in the cinematic.Zyra is a monster who has never seen humans except for once or twice in thousands of years, who suddenly found itself with a new body after an explosion. It shambled to civilization and everyone it saw recoiled and ran because they were above all horrified just from the sight of it. Zyra hated everyone for being irreverent and disrespectful and so there’s this wandering plant-like blight of thorns and poison roaming the world and destroying everything. That’s the lore.Therefore, the goal of zyras design should not be to make the most comically bad version of a wet dream from some hentai enthusiast born in captivity who has never seen a human female body in motion, which is apparently the goal here now. I understand Rory or whatever his name is is working hard on multiple champs, but it’s maybe the laziest job I’ve ever seen done in a video game - ALL of the champs he’s done has this wildly over-exaggerated hip sway, this hilariously bad gait where hips bones are either elongating or dislocating outright.Like I said in the stream yesterday, I’m sick of this trend where male animators / design team members are designing female champs with spines that physically must be broken in order to pose how they do in splash art, or character splash art and models whose rib cages could not fit a working heart and lungs in them, waist to hip ratio that would shut down the digestive system, etc. Zyra is a MONSTER. Give me a monster.It would be so much more interesting, both from a design perspective and from an in-universe lore perspective to have this new creature, who has seen humans only a handful of times, be this horrifying caricature of a human woman shambling from the ruined vegetation. Imagine being a farmer in runeterra tending your fields and you see what looks like a woman at first but she’s walking... strangely. Almost as if she’s broken - hunched back, awkward steps. As she gets closer you hear this labored breathing from a creature unaccustomed to this new body, this heavy, labored gasping. And when she gets closer, you notice at her feet, plants are starting to spread in her footsteps and before you can turn to run, thorny vines swallow you up and the last thing you see is this inhuman smile.THATS what I want. That is what zyra is. She’s not some masturbatory miracle who just happened to emerge from a fucking explosion of gas and fire with a body that matches EXACTLY the designers ideal woman with a couple of bone breaking tweaks, who jumped out of the wreckage of her destroyed home with the sole purpose of finding someone to fuck, so she and her built-in stilettos strut on down to civilization, swinging her hips as far as her body will allow so she can get laid. She’s a monster born against its will, who had her home destroyed because humans wandered into her garden in Shurima and as always, they ruined it. She’s hell bent, she wants retribution and she kills indiscriminately and without tact.League has about 2 dozen female champs with the exact same face and body, we don’t need a plant monster from the ether to be the exact same thing. It’s such a fucking shame the design potential of this champ is completely wasted and even more of a shame that no one seems to care about anything but a chroma for the Ass-Wing Sex Dragon skin. via /r/leagueoflegends http://bit.ly/2R9iXUv

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